UCO aspires to empower the entire beauty market value chain in China with technology and business innovation, and deliver greater value to both beauty brands and consumers. Meanwhile, we wish to make greater contributions to society as we develop and accumulate continuously to empower the dream of beauty chased by more people.

Since our establishment, UCO has been highly committed to fulfill its corporate social responsibility:

  • UCO initiated two consecutive charity activities to purchase agricultural products in Hubei amid the COVID-19 pandemic
  • UCO donated teaching and study supplies to students in Honghe, Yunnan and launched continuous charity activity of “Guard the Light of Childhood.”
  • UCO invested RMB360,000 to open three Hope Kindergarten in the mountainous villages in Guizhou, creating opportunities for left-behind children to receive education
  • UCO conducted the first charity donation of school suppliers to UCO Hope Primary School in Gansu by us and our employees.
  • UCO Hope Primary School completed the construction of school premises and started operation. It has a name that touches all UCOers — Hangzhou UCO Hope Primary School.
  • UCO Hope Primary School started construction.
  • UCO donated RMB800,000 to build Hangzhou UCO Hope Primary School.