To deliver Beauty Dream for beauty consumers by helping
beauty brands to develop long term sustainable success
through e-commerce innovation and integration.

Since 2010, with 10 years of devotion,
GMV exceeded 10 Billion in 2019

Our partner brands

Our partners are mainly from the birthplaces of major beauty brands in the world such as North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea, and the cooperative brands are 50 + first-line beauty brands

About Us

Founded in 2010 from 4 persons to 1300+ staff today, UCO is a leading full value-chain e-commerce service partner for beauty brands in China, with GMV exceeding RMB10 billion in 2019, and is the industry leader in the operation of high-end luxury beauty arena. We are committed to helping beauty brands succeed through e-commerce innovation and realizing the beautiful dreams of beauty consumers. UCO is providing services for more than 50 top tier beauty brands on Tmall, Vipshop, JD, Red  and other social content channels Some of the internationally renowned brands includeSisley,Sekkisei,Cosme Decorte,Martiderm,Bioderma ,Apivita, ….

UCO’s Mission


UCO’s vision

No. 1 Choice for Beauty Brand Partner in China Market
Finest Consumer Experience for Chinese Beauty Customers
No. 1 Choice for Talent in the China Beauty Industry

UCO’s values

Pragmatic, optimistic and striving, team cooperation, major, ownership, sustained beyond

Our services

UCO provides customers with professional, competitive and reliable technologies, solutions and services in the fields of operation, beauty consultant, storage supply chain, IT, etc. to help beauty brands establish long-term sustainable development success and realize the beautiful dreams of beauty consumers.
UCO’s 2 core business modules:


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